FREE CROCHET PATTERN – ASL I love you applique


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Growing up with deaf parents and around the deaf community, ASL has been a huge part of my life. Though, personally, I am hearing.

When a deaf friend posted a request for an “I love you” hand, I went looking for a pattern. I was shocked to see that there wasn’t one! At least not one that I could easily find. So, I decided I would wing it and see what I could do. This is what I came up with!


The attempt got so many requests for a pattern, and unfortunately, I hadn’t written anything down. So, I decided to figure out how I made it, and with a little luck, I was able to!

Due to responses on my design, I would absolutely LOVE to monetize it and make a profit. But, I feel this is something that should be available to everyone. I definitely know the struggle of finding a pattern I’d love to make, and not having it within my budget to purchase…and I also think this is a good way to bring more awareness to the deaf community, but through the art of crochet.

However, if you would like to throw some pennies at the artist (I hear she’s really awesome! lol), you may do so HERE but it is absolutely not required to be able to make this! 🙂

So, enough rambling, let’s talk about this pattern…

It’s all done in one go, there is zero cutting or attaching anything…Which is great because, that means there’s hardly any ends to weave in when you’re done! YAY!

This can be done in any yarn you want. I’ve personally tried worsted and nylon crochet thread. Both worked out perfect.

You can also use whatever hook you’d like. Need a bigger hand? Use a larger hook. Need it smaller? You guessed it, use a smaller hook.

This is made flat, so it can be added to projects like scarves, blankets, stuffed animals and handbags, or used as a standalone item for ornaments, keychains and whatever else your little creative brain can come up with!

This pattern could be considered tricky to follow; but, I’m going to try and explain it as easily as I can, including photos. I would love to see everyone be able to create this pattern!!

What you’ll need:
Yarn – any kind you want, not sure on exact yardage but it’s not very much!
Crochet hook – any size
Tapestry needle – for weaving ends

Stitch abbreviations:
MR – Magic ring
SS – Slip stitch
SK – Skip next stitch
CH – Chain
HDC – Half double crochet
DC – Double crochet
TRC – Treble crochet

Stitches in [brackets] means to repeat the amount indicated

This pattern is worked continuously around. You will not turn at any point.

This contains MANY slip stitches. Make sure to do them loosely, or your hand will end up a little wonky and hard to work with.

If you see a “+” after a step, it means theres a photo because I thought it might confuse some people. So, please take a look at the picture below to make sure you’re working in the correct spot! 🙂


Row 1: Leave a semi long starting tail. MR, CH 2. DC 11 in ring. SS to top of CH 2.


Row 2: CH 2. [In the next stitch 2 DC]*3. In the next stitch DC, HDC. In next stitch HDC, SC. [In next stitch 2 SC]*2. In next stitch SC, HDC. In next stitch HDC, DC. [In next stitch 2 DC]*2. DC right next to your starting chain+. SS to top of first DC.

Row 3: CH 1, [SC in next]*5, CH 8. Working on the chain – HDC in 2nd CH from hook. [DC in next]*7.  For the last DC stitch you will insert your hook using the front loop of your last SC before the CH and through the left front part of the SC. It’s a little awkward to explain, so please look at the photo!

SK next stitch, SS, SC, 2 SC, SC, 2 HDC, HDC, [2 DC in next stitch, DC in next stitch]*3. In next stitch DC, TRC. In next stitch TRC.

Starting the thumb – Ch 6. – working on the chain HDC in 2nd ch from hook. [DC in next stitch]*4. SS in the same stitch as the last TRC. SC, HDC, 2 DC.


Starting the next finger – CH 9. Working on the chain,  HDC in 2nd CH from hook. [DC in next stitch]*7. SS to next stitch in previous row. [SC in next]*6.
First stitch is a little tricky to find+, last SC should fall right at the finger.+

Working around the finger – [SC in next]*7, [SS in next]*6, [SC in next]*5, [HDC in next]*4, DC, 2 DC, HDC, [SC in next]*4, 2 SC, [SC in next]*5 (Last SC should fall on the 2nd TRC)


Working on the thumb – [SC in next]*11, SS in the stitch where the last DC of your thumb meets the hand.+ SS in next. [SC in next]*12, [SS in next]*8, SC.


Beginning first folded finger – CH 8, HDC in 2nd CH from hook. [DC in next]*6, SK, SS.

Beginning second folded finger – CH 7, HDC in 2nd CH from hook. [DC in next]*5, SK, SS. Fasten off.


Use your starting tail to secure the fingers. If you only go through the tips, you can totally use this to hold things. (Think, candy canes! pencils! crochet hooks!) Then weave in the ends.

Now you are finished! 🙂

If you would like to add a heart, there’s a great pattern that gives you different size options that you can follow here!

Hope this wasn’t too difficult to follow! If you get stuck, see a mistake, or just have any questions in general, feel free to leave me a comment! I will get back to you as soon as I can. 🙂

Now go on, spread the love! ❤


*Photos are property of Bobbie Wojton, aka, I Just Wanna Be Knotty. Please do not share them as your own, or on any other platform for your own personal benefit.

*You may sell anything you make from using this pattern, but please properly credit me as the designer by linking back to this blog post. 

*This pattern may NOT be posted in partial or full on any other site, without proper written consent from me. If you would like to keep a personal copy, you are fully welcome to. But, if shared on a social platform, please do so by linking to this post. 


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